Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Python GUI Programming Cookbook – Second Edition by Burkhard Meier

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What you will learn:

Create the GUI Form and add widgets Arrange the widgets using layout managers Use object-oriented programming to create GUIs Create Matplotlib charts Use threads and talking to networks Talk to a MySQL database via the GUI Perform unit-testing and internationalizing the GUI Extend the GUI with third-party graphical libraries Get to know the best practices to create GUIs

Python Deep Learning by Valentino Zocca, Gianmario Spacagna, Daniel Slater and Peter Roelants

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What you will learn:

Get a practical deep dive into deep learning algorithms Explore deep learning further with Theano, Caffe, Keras, and TensorFlow Learn about two of the most powerful techniques at the core of many practical deep learning implementations: Auto-Encoders and Restricted Boltzmann Machines Dive into Deep Belief Nets and Deep Neural Networks Discover more deep learning algorithms with Dropout and Convolutional Neural Networks Get to know device strategies so you can use deep learning algorithms and libraries in the real world

A Practical Introduction to Python Programming – Brian Heinold

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Automate the boring stuff with Python – AL Sweigart

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What you will learn Software is at the core of so many of the tools we use today: Nearly everyone uses social networks to communicate, many people have Internet-connected computers in their phones, and most office jobs involve interacting with a computer to get work done. As a result, the demand for people who can code has skyrocketed. Countless books, interactive web tutorials, and developer boot camps promise to turn ambitious beginners into software engineers with six-figure salaries. This book is not for those people. It’s for everyone else.On its own, this book won’t turn you into a professional software developer any more than a few guitar lessons will turn you into a rock star. But if you’re an office worker, administrator, academic, or anyone else who uses a computer for work or fun, you will learn the basics of programming so that you can automate simple tasks such as the following: • Moving and renaming thousands of files and sorting them into folders • Filling out online forms, no typing required • Downloading files or copy text from a website whenever it updates • Having your computer text you custom notifications • Updating or formatting Excel spreadsheets • Checking your email and sending out prewritten responses These tasks are simple but time-consuming for humans, and they’re often so trivial or specific that there’s no ready-made software to perform them. Armed with a little bit of programming knowledge, you can have your computer do these tasks for you.

Fluent Python – Luciano Ramalho

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Functional Python Programming – Steven Lott

Download link below:

Functional Python Programming – Steve Lott – 2015Download

Learning Python Network Programming -Dr.M.O.Faruque Sarker,Sam Washington

Download link below:

Learning Python Network ProgrammingDownload

Python Crash Course – Eric Matthes

Download link below :

Python Crash Course.pdfDownload

Python Data Visualization Cookbook – Igor Milovanovic,Dimitry Foures,Giuseppe Vettigli

Download link below:

Python Data Visualization Cookbook, Second EditionDownload

Python Game Programming By Example – Alejandro Rodas,Joseph Howse

Download link below:

Python Game Programming By ExampleDownload

Python Playground – Mahesh Venkitachalam

Download link below:

Python PlaygroundDownload

Python Programming for Arduino- Pratik Desai

Download link below:

Python Programming for ArduinoDownload

Python Programming for Raspberry Pi in 24 Hours – Richard Blum,Christine Bresnahan

Download link below:

Python Programming for Raspberry Pi_ Sams Teach Yourself in 24 HoursDownload

Python Tutorials Point

Download link below:


Using Python for Machine Learning – Sebastian Raschka

Download link below:

Using Python for machine learningDownload

Think Python – Allen B. Downey

Download link below:

Think Python, 2nd EditionDownload

Teach Your Kids To Code – Bryson Payne

Download link below:

Teach Your Kids to CodeDownload

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