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Apache Hadoop Yarn(Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop2) – Arun C Murthy & Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli

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Apache Hadoop YARNDownload

What you will learn

This book is intended to provide detailed coverage of Apache Hadoop YARN’s goals,its design and architecture and how it expands the Apache Hadoop ecosystem to take advantage of data at scale beyond MapReduce. It primarily focuses on installation and administration of YARN clusters, on helping users with YARN application development and new frameworks that run on top of YARN beyond MapReduce. Please note that this book is not intended to be an introduction to Apache Hadoop itself. We assume that the reader has a working knowledge of Hadoop version 1, writing applications on top of the Hadoop MapReduce framework, and the architecture and usage of the Hadoop Distributed FileSystem. Please see the book webpage (http://yarn-book.com) for a list of introductory resources. In future editions of this book, we hope to expand our material related to the MapReduce applicaation framework itself and how users can design and code their own MapReduce applications.

Big Data Analytics With R and Hadoop – Vignesh Prajapati

Download link below:

Big Data Analytics with R and HadoopDownload

What you will learn

Set up an integrated infrastructure of R and Hadoop to turn your data analytics into Big Data analytics

Data Analytics with Hadoop( An Introduction for Data Scientists) – Benjamin Bengfort & Jenny Kim

Download link below:

Data Analytics with HadoopDownload

Hadoop for Dummies – by Dirk deRoos, Paul C. Zikopoulos, Bruce Brown,Rafael Coss, and Roman B. Melnyk

Download link below:

Hadoop For DummiesDownload

Hadoop The Definitive Guide(Storage and Analysis at Internet Scale) – Tom White

Download link below:

Hadoop_ The Definitive GuideDownload

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