Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Beginning C++ Programming by Richard Grimes

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What you will learn:

Get familiar with the structure of C++ projects Identify the main structures in the language: functions and classes Feel confident about being able to identify the execution flow through the code Be aware of the facilities of the standard library Gain insights into the basic concepts of object orientation Know how to debug your programs Get acquainted with the standard C++ library

C Programming in Linux-David Haskins

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C Programming in LinuxDownload

What we will learn

Using a series of web development examples, this book ‘C Programming in Linux’ will give you an interesting glimpse into a powerful lower-level world.

C is tight and spare and economical, and in the current world climate people who know C will ensure critical systems keep running.

A knowledge of C is now and has been for years a pre-requisite for serious software professionals and with the recent popularity and maturity of Open Systems this is even more true.

Introduction to programming and the C# language-Poul Klausen

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C# 1Download

Object Oriented Programming using C#-Simon Kendal

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Object Oriented Programming using C#Download

Structured Programming with C++ – Kjell Backman

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Structured Programming with C++Download


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