AWS SA Associate Practice Questions – 20

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Question 1:

What Amazon AWS service is available for container management?


B. Docker

C. Kinesis

D. Lambda

Answer (A)

Question 2:

What is associated with Microservices? (Select two)

A. Application Load Balancer

B. Kinesis


D. DynamoDB


Answer (A,E)

Question 3:

Where does Amazon retrieve web content when it is not in the nearest

CloudFront edge location?

A. secondary location

B. file server


D. S3 bucket

Answer (D)

Question 4:

What two features of an API Gateway minimize the effects of peak traffic

events and minimize latency?

A. load balancing

B. firewalling

C. throttling

D. scaling

E. caching

Answer (C,E)

Question 5:

What three characteristics differentiate Lambda from traditional EC2

deployment or containerization?

A. Lambda is based on Kinesis scripts

B. Lambda is serverless

C. tenant has ownership of EC2 instances

D. tenant has no control of EC2 instances

E. Lambda is a code-based service

F. Lambda supports only S3 and Glacier

Answer (B,D,E)

Question 6:

How is code uploaded to Lambda?

A. Lambda instance

B. Lambda container

C. Lambda entry point

D. Lambda function

E. Lambda AMI

Answer (D)

Question 7:

How are Lambda functions triggered?

A. EC2 instance

B. hypervisor

C. Kinesis

D. operating system

E. event source

Answer (E)

Question 8:

What three statements correctly describe standard Lambda operation?

A. Lambda function is allocated 500 MB ephemeral disk space

B. Lambda function is allocated 100 MB EBS storage

C. Lambda stores code in S3

D. Lambda stores code in a Glacier vault

E. Lambda stores code in containers

F. maximum execution time is 300 seconds

Answer (A,C,F)

Question 9:

What network events are restricted by Lambda? (Select two)

A. only inbound TCP network connections are blocked by AWS Lambda

B. all inbound network connections are blocked by AWS Lambda

C. all inbound and outbound connections are blocked

D. outbound connections support only TCP/IP sockets

E. outbound connections support only SSL sockets

Answer (B,D)

Question 10:

How is versioning supported with Lambda? (Select two)

A. Lambda native support

B. ECS container

C. not supported

D. Aliases

E. replication

F. S3 versioning

Answer (A,D)

Question 11:

What is the difference between Stream-based and AWS Services when

enabling Lambda?

A. streams maintains event source mapping in Lambda

B. streams maintains event source mapping in event source

C. streams maintains event source mapping in EC2 instance

D. streams maintains event source mapping in notification

E. streams maintains event source mapping in API

Answer (A)

Question 12:

Select two custom origin servers from the following?

A. S3 bucket

B. S3 object

C. EC2 instance

D. Elastic Load Balancer

E. API gateway

Answer (C,D)

Question 13:

What two attributes are only associated with CloudFront private content?

A. Amazon S3 URL

B. signed cookies

C. web distribution

D. signed URL

E. object

Answer (B,D)

Question 14:

How are origin servers located within CloudFront (Select two)

A. DNS request

B. distribution list

C. web distribution

D. RTMP protocol

E. source mapping

Answer (A,C)

Question 15:

Where are HTML files sourced from when they are not cached at a

CloudFront edge location?

A. S3 object

B. origin HTTP server

C. S3 bucket

D. nearest edge location

E. RTMP server

F. failover edge location

Answer (B)

Question 16:

What is the capacity of a single Kinesis shard? (Select two)

A. 2000 PUT records per second

B. 1 MB/sec data input and 2 MB/sec data output

C. 10 MB/sec data input and 10 MB/sec data output

D. 1000 PUT records per second

E. unlimited

Answer (B,D)

Question 17:

What Amazon AWS service supports real-time processing of data stream

from multiple consumers and replay of records?

A. DynamoDB


C. Kinesis data streams


E. RedShift

Answer (C)

Question 18:

Your company has asked you to capture and forward a real-time data stream

on a massive scale directly to RedShift for analysis with BI tools. What AWS

tool is most appropriate that provides the feature set and cost effective?

A. DynamoDB


C. Elastic Map Reduce

D. Kinesis Firehose


F. CloudFront

Answer (D)

Question 19:

What feature permits tenants to use a private domain name instead of the

domain name that CloudFront assigns to a distribution?

A. Route 53

B. CNAME record

C. MX record


E. Signed URL

Answer (B)

Question 20:

What Amazon AWS service is available to guarantee the consuming of a

unique message only once?

A. Beanstalk


C. Exchange


Answer (D)

Question 21:

What is the fastest and easiest method for migrating an on-premises VMware

virtual machine to the AWS cloud?

A. Amazon Marketplace

B. AWS Server Migration Service

C. AWS Storage Gateway

D. EC2 Import/Export

Answer (B)

Question 22:

Select the stateless protocol from the following?





Answer (C)

Question 23:

What are three valid endpoints for an API gateway?


B. Lambda function

C. AWS service

D. web server

E. HTTP method

Answer (B,C,D)

Question 24:

How is a volume selected (identified) when making an EBS Snapshot?

A. account id

B. volume id

C. tag


Answer (D)

Question 25:

What deployment service enables tenants to replicate an existing AWS stack?

A. Beanstalk

B. CloudFormation

C. RedShift


Answer (B)

Question 26:

What three services can invoke a Lambda function?

A. SNS topic

B. CloudWatch event

C. EC2 instance

D. security group

E. S3 bucket notification

Answer (A,B,E)

Question 27:

What two services enable automatic polling of a stream for new records only

and forward them to an AWS storage service?


B. Kinesis

C. Lambda

D. DynamoDB

Answer (B,C)

Question 28:

Your company is deploying a web site with dynamic content to customers in

US, EU and APAC regions of the world. Content will include live streaming

videos to customers. SSL certificates are required for security purposes.

Select the AWS service delivers all requirements and provides the lowest


A. DynamoDB

B. CloudFront

C. S3

D. Redis

Answer (B)

Question 29:

What are the advantages of Beanstalk? (Select two)

A. orchestration and deployment abstraction

B. template-oriented deployment service

C. easiest solution for developers to deploy cloud applications

D. does not support cloud containers

Answer (A,C)

Question 30:

You are a network analyst with JSON scripting experience and asked to select

an AWS solution that enables automated deployment of cloud services. The

template design would include a nondefault VPC with EC2 instances, ELB,

Auto-Scaling and active/active failover. What AWS solution is


A. Beanstalk

B. OpsWorks

C. CloudTrail

D. CloudFormation

Answer (D)

Question 31:

Select two statements that correctly describe OpsWorks?

A. Opsworks provides operational and configuration automation

B. OpsWorks is a lower cost alternative to BeanStalk

C. OpsWorks is primarily a monitoring service

D. Chef scripts (recipes) are a key aspect of OpsWorks

Answer (A,D)

Question 32:

Your company has developed an IoT application that sends Telemetry data

from 100,000 sensors. The sensors send a datapoint of 1 KB at one-minute

intervals to a DynamoDB collector for monitoring purposes. What AWS stack

would enable you to store data for real-time processing and analytics using BI


A. Sensors -> Kinesis Stream -> Firehose -> DynamoDB

B. Sensors -> Kinesis Stream -> Firehose -> DynamoDB -> S3

C. Sensors -> AWS IoT -> Firehose -> RedShift

D. Sensors -> Kinesis Data Streams -> Firehose -> RDS

Answer (C)

Question 33:

Your company has an application that was developed and migrated to AWS

cloud. The application leverages some AWS services as part of the

architecture. The stack includes EC2 instances, RDS database, S3 buckets,

RedShift and Lambda functions. In addition there is IAM security

permissions configured with defined users, groups and roles.

The application is monitored with CloudWatch and STS was recently added

for permitting Web Identity Federation sign-on from Google accounts. You

want a solution that can leverage the experience of your employees with AWS

cloud infrastructure as well. What AWS service can create a template of the

design and configuration for easier deployment of the application to multiple


A. Snowball

B. Opsworks

C. CloudFormation

D. Beanstalk

Answer (C)

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