AWS SA Associate Practice Questions – 16

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Question 1:

What AWS storage solution allows thousands of EC2 instances to

simultaneously upload, access, delete and share files?


B. S3

C. Glacier


Answer (D)

Question 2:

What is required for an EFS mount target? (Select two)


B. DNS name

C. IP address


E. IAM role

Answer (B,C)

Question 3:

What connectivity features are recommended for copying on-premises files to

EFS? (Select two)

A. VPN IPsec

B. Internet Gateway

C. Direct Connect

D. File Sync


F. AWS Storage Gateway

Answer (C,D)

Question 4:

What AWS services encrypts data at rest by default? (Select two)

A. S3

B. AWS Storage Gateway


D. Glacier


Answer (B,D)

Question 5:

What fault tolerant features does S3 storage provide? (Select three)

A. cross-region replication

B. versioning must be disabled

C. cross-region asynchronous replication of objects

D. synchronous replication of objects within a region

E. multiple destination buckets

Answer (A,C,D)

Question 6:

What is the fastest technique for deleting 900 objects in an S3 bucket with a

single HTTP request?

A. Multi-Part Delete API

B. Multi-Object Delete API

C. 100 objects is maximum per request

D. Fast-Delete API

Answer (B)

Question 7:

What security controls technique is recommended for S3 cross-account


A. IAM group

B. security groups


D. bucket policies

Answer (D)

Question 8:

What are two advantages of cross-region replication of an S3 bucket?

A. cost

B. security compliance

C. scalability

D. Beanstalk support

E. minimize latency

Answer (B,E)

Question 9:

What are two primary difference between Amazon S3 Standard and S3/RRS

storage classes?

A. Amazon Standard does not replicate at all

B. RRS provides higher durability

C. RRS provides higher availability

D. RRS does not replicate objects as many times

E. application usage is different

Answer (D,E)

Question 10:

What two features are enabled with S3 services?

A. store objects of any size

B. dynamic web content

C. supports Provisioned IOPS

D. store virtually unlimited amounts of data

E. bucket names are globally unique

Answer (D,E)

Question 11:

What new feature was recently added to SQS that defines how messages are


A. streams




E. decoupling

Answer (C)

Question 12:

What two AWS storage types are persistent?

A. ephemeral

B. S3


D. instance store


Answer (B,C)

Question 13:

Select three on-premises backup solutions used for copying data to an

Amazon AWS S3 bucket?

A. AWS Import/Export


C. Snowball

D. Availability Zone (AZ) replication

E. AWS Storage Gateway

Answer (A,C,E)

Question 14:

You have 1 TB of data and want to archive the data that won’t be accessed

that often. What Amazon AWS storage solution is recommended?

A. Glacier


C. ephemeral

D. CloudFront

Answer (A)

Question 15:

What are three methods of accessing DynamoDB for customization purposes?


B. AWS console

C. API call

D. vCenter

E. Beanstalk

Answer (A,B,C)

Question 16:

What are two primary differences between Glacier and S3 storage services?

A. Glacier is lower cost

B. S3 is lower cost

C. Glacier is preferred for frequent data access with lower latency

D. S3 is preferred for frequent data access with lower latency

E. S3 supports larger file size

Answer (A,D)

Question 17:

What statement correctly describes the operation of AWS Glacier archive?

A. archive is a group of vaults

B. archive is an unencrypted vault

C. archive supports aggregated files only

D. maximum file size is 1 TB

E. archive supports single and aggregated files

Answer (E)

Question 18:

What are three primary differences between S3 vs EBS?

A. S3 is a multi-purpose public internet-based storage

B. EBS is directly assigned to a tenant VPC EC2 instance

C. EBS and S3 provide persistent storage

D. EBS snapshots are typically stored on S3 buckets

E. EBS and S3 use buckets to manage files

F. EBS and S3 are based on block level storage

Answer (A,B,D)

Question 19:

What on-premises solution is available from Amazon AWS to minimize

latency for all data?

A. Gateway-VTL

B. Gateway-cached volumes

C. Gateway-stored volumes


E. S3 bucket

F. ElastiCache

Answer (C)

Question 20:

What feature transitions S3 storage to Standard-IA for cost optimization?


B. Glacier vault

C. storage class analysis

D. path-based routing

Answer (C)

Question 21:

How does AWS uniquely identify S3 objects?

A. bucket name

B. version

C. key

D. object tag

Answer (C)

Question 22:

What is the advantage of read-after-write consistency for S3 buckets?

A. no stale reads for PUT of any new object in all regions

B. higher throughput for all requests

C. stale reads for PUT requests in some regions

D. no stale reads for GET requests in a single regions

Answer (A)

Question 23:

What is the maximum single file object size supported with Amazon S3?

A. 5 GB

B. 5 TB

C. 1 TB

D. 100 GB

Answer (B)

Question 24:

What security problem is solved by using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing


A. enable HTTP requests from within scripts to a different domain

B. enable sharing of web-based files between different buckets

C. provide security for third party objects within AWS

D. permits sharing objects between AWS services

Answer (A)

Question 25:

What is recommended for migrating 40 TB of data from on-premises to S3

when the internet link is often overutilized?

A. AWS Storage gateway

B. AWS Snowball

C. AWS Import/Export

D. AWS Elastic File System

E. AWS Elasticsearch

F. AWS Multi-Part Upload API

Answer (B)

Question 26:

Your company is publishing an online catalog of books that is currently using

DynamoDB for storing the information associated with each item. There is a

requirement to add images for each book. What solution is most cost effective

and designed for that purpose?

A. RedShift



D. S3

E. Kinesis

Answer (D)

Question 27:

You have an application that collects monitoring data from 10,000 sensors

(IoT) deployed in the USA. The datapoints are comprised of video events for

home security and environment status alerts. The application will be deployed

to AWS with EC2 instances as data collectors. What AWS storage service is

preferred for storing video files from sensors?

A. RedShift


C. S3

D. DynamoDB

Answer (C)

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