AWS SA Associate Practice Questions-11

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

401. What does specifying the mapping /dev/sdc=none when launching an instance do’?

A. Prevents /dev/sdc from creating the instance.

B. Prevents /dev/sdc from deleting the instance.

C. Set the value of /dev/sdc to ‘zero’.

D. Prevents /dev/sdc from attaching to the instance.

Answer: D

402. Is Federated Storage Engine currently supported by Amazon RDS for MySQL?

A. Only for Oracle RDS instances

B. No

C. Yes

D. Only in VPC

Answer: B

403. Is there a limit to how many groups a user can be in?

A. Yes for all users

B. Yes for all users except root

C. No

D. Yes unless special permission granted

Answer: A

404. True or False: When you perform a restore operation to a point in time or from a DB Snapshot, a new

DB Instance is created with a new endpoint.



Answer: B

405. A/An _ acts as a firewall that controls the traffic allowed to reach one or more instances.

A. security group



D. Private IP Addresses

Answer: A

406. Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Availability Zone as my primary?

A. Only for Oracle RDS types

B. Yes

C. Only if configured at launch

D. No

Answer: D

407. While launching an RDS DB instance, on which page I can select the Availability Zone?





Answer: D

408. What does t he following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups?

ec2-create-group CreateSecurityGroup

A. Groups the user created security groups in to a new group for easy access.

B. Creates a new security group for use with your account.

C. Creates a new group inside the security group.

D. Creates a new rule inside the security group.

Answer: B

409. In the Launch Db Instance Wizard, where can I select the backup and maintenance options?


B. Under REVI EW



Answer: C

410. What happens to the data on an instance if the instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally)?

A. Data will be lost

B. Data persists

C. Data may persist however cannot be sure

Answer: B

411. How many types of block devices does Amazon EC2 support A

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 1

Answer: A

412. Provisioned IOPS Costs: you are charged for the IOPS and storage whether or not you use them in a

given month.



Answer: B

413. IAM provides several policy templates you can use to automatically assign permissions to the groups

you create. The _ policy template gives the Admins group permission to access all account resources,

except your AWS account information

A. Read Only Access

B. Power User Access

C. AWS Cloud Formation Read Only Access

D. Administrator Access

Answer: D

414. While performing the volume status checks, if the status is insufficient-data, what does it mean?

A. the checks may still be in progress on the volume

B. the check has passed

C. the check has failed

Answer: A

415. IAM’s Policy Evaluation Logic always starts with a default _ for every request, except for those that use

the AWS account’s root security credentials b

A. Permit

B. Deny

C. Cancel

Answer: B

416. By default, when an EBS volume is attached to a Windows instance, it may show up as any drive letter

on the instance. You can change the settings of the _ Senrice to set the drive letters of the EBS volumes

per your specifications.

A. EBS Config Senrice

B. AMI Config Senrice

C. Ec2 Config Senrice

D. Ec2-AMI Config Senrice

Answer: C

417. For each DB Instance class, what is the maximum size of associated storage capacity?

A. 5GB

B. 1 TB

C. 2TB

D. 500GB

Answer: B

418. SQL Sewer _ store log ins and passwords in the master database.

A. can be configured to but by default does not

B. doesn’t

C. does

Answer: C

419. What is Oracle SQL Developer?

A. An AWS developer who is an expert in Amazon RDS using both the Oracle and SQL Server DB engines

B. A graphical Java tool distributed without cost by Oracle.

C. It is a variant of the SQL Sewer Management Studio designed by Microsoft to support Oracle DBMS


D. A different DBMS released by Microsoft free of cost

Answer: B

420. Does Amazon RDS allow direct host access via Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), or Windows Remote

Desktop Connection?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depends on if it is in VPC or not

Answer: B

421. To view information about an Amazon EBS volume, open the Amazon EC2 console at, click in the Navigation pane.


B. Describe

C. Details

D. Volumes

Answer: D

422. Using Amazon IAM, can I give permission based on organizational groups?

A. Yes but only in certain cases

B. No

C. Yes always

Answer: C

423. While creating the snapshots using the API, which Action should I be using?

A. MakeSnapShot

B. FreshSnapshot

C. Dep|oySnapshot

D. CreateSnapshot

Answer: D

424. What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?

A. DB Instance

B. DB Sewer

C. DB Unit

D. DB Volume

Answer: A

425. While signing in REST/ Query requests, for additional security, you should transmit your requests

using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by using


B. Internet Protocol Security(IPsec)

C. TLS (Transport Layer Security)


Answer: D

426. What happens to the 1/0 operations while you take a database snapshot?

A. 1/0 operations to the database are suspended for a few minutes while the backup is in progress.

B. 1/0 operations to the database are sent to a Replica (if available) for a few minutes while the backup is in


C. 1/0 operations will be functioning normally

D. 1/0 operations to the database are suspended for an hour while the backup is in progress

Answer: A

427. Read Replicas require a transactional storage engine and are only supported for the _ _ storage




C. InnoDB


Answer: C

428. When running my DB Instance as a MuIti-AZ deployment, can I use the standby for read or write


A. Yes

B. Only with MSSQL based RDS

C. Only for Oracle RDS instances

D. No

Answer: D

429. When should I choose Provisioned IOPS over Standard RDS storage?

A. If you have batch-oriented workloads

B. If you use production online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads.

C. If you have workloads that are not sensitive to consistent performance

Answer: A

430. In the ‘DetaiIed’ monitoring data available for your Amazon EBS volumes, Provisioned IOPS volumes

automatically send _ minute metrics to Amazon CIoudWatch.

A. 3

B. 1

C. 5

D. 2

Answer: B

431. What is the minimum charge for the data transferred between Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2

Instances in the same Availability Zone?

A. USD 0.10 per GB

B. No charge. It is free.

C. USD 0.02 per GB

D. USD 0.01 per GB

Answer: B

432. Are Resenred Instances available for Multi-AZ Deployments?

A. Only for Cluster Compute instances

B. Yes for all instance types

C. Only for M3 instance types

D. No

Answer: B

433. Which service enables AWS customers to manage users and permissions in AWS?

A. AWS Access Control Service (ACS}

B. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM}

C. AWS Identity Manager (AIM}

Answer: B

434. Which Amazon Storage behaves like raw, unformatted, external block devices that you can attach to

your instances?

A. None of these.

B. Amazon Instance Storage

C. Amazon EBS

D. All of these

Answer: C

435. Which Amazon service can I use to define a virtual network that closely resembles a traditional data


A. Amazon VPC

B. Amazon Service Bus

C. Amazon EMR

D. Amazon RDS

Answer: A

436. What is the command line instruction for running the remote desktop client in Windows?

A. desk.cpI

B. mstsc

Answer: B

437. Amazon RDS automated backups and DB Snapshots are currently supported for only the _ _ storage



B. InnoDB

Answer: B

438. MySQL installations default to port _.



C. 80

D. 1158

Answer: A

439. If you have chosen Multi-AZ deployment, in the event of a planned or unplanned outage of your

primary DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically switches to the standby replica. The automatic failover

mechanism simply changes the record of the main DB Instance to point to the standby DB Instance.





Answer: B

440. If I modify a DB Instance or the DB parameter group associated with the instance, should I reboot the

instance for the changes to take effect?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: B

441. If I want to run a database in an Amazon instance, which is the most recommended Amazon storage


A. Amazon Instance Storage

B. Amazon EBS

C. You can’t run a database inside an Amazon instance.

D. Amazon 53

Answer: B

442. In regards to IAM you can edit user properties later, but you cannot use the console to change the

A. user name

B. password

C. default group

Answer: A

443. Can I test my DB Instance against a new version before upgrading?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Only in VPC

Answer: B

444. True or False: If you add a tag that has the same key as an existing tag on a DB Instance, the new

value ovenrvrites the old value.



Answer: B

445. Can I use Provisioned IOPS with VPC?

A. Only Oracle based RDS

B. No

C. Only with MSSQL based RDS

D. Yes for all RDS instances

Answer: D

446. Making your snapshot public shares all snapshot data with everyone. Can the snapshots with AWS

Market place product codes be made public?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: B

447. Fill in the blanks: “To ensure failover capabilities, consider using a _ for incoming traffic on a network


A. primary public IP

B. secondary private I P

C. secondary public I P

D. add on secondary IP

Answer: B

448. If I have multiple Read Replicas for my master DB Instance and I promote one of them, what happens

to the rest of the Read Replicas?

A. The remaining Read Replicas will still replicate from the older master DB Instance

B. The remaining Read Replicas will be deleted

C. The remaining Read Replicas will be combined to one read replica

Answer: A

449. What does Amazon Cloud Formation provide?

A. The ability to setup Autoscaling for Amazon EC2 instances.

B. None of these.

C. A templated resource creation for Amazon Web Services.

D. A template to map network resources for Amazon Web Services.

Answer: D

450. Can I encrypt connections between my application and my DB Instance using SSL?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Only in VPC

D. Only in certain regions

Answer: B

451. What are the four levels of AWS Premium Support?

A. Basic, Developer, Business, Enterprise

B. Basic, Startup, Business, Enterprise

C. Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold

D. All support is free

Answer: A

452. What can I access by visiting the URL: http:/ /

A. Amazon Cloud Watch

B. Status of the Amazon RDS DB

C. AWS Service Health Dashboard

D. AWS Cloud Monitor

Answer: C

453. Please select the Amazon EC2 resource which cannot be tagged.

A. images (AM|s, kernels, RAM disks)

B. Amazon EBS volumes

C. Elastic IP addresses


Answer: C

454. Can the string value of ‘Key’ be prefixed with :aws:”?

A. Only in GovC|oud

B. Only for 53 not EC2

C. Yes

D. No

Answer: D

455. Because of the extensibility limitations of striped storage attached to Windows Sewer, Amazon RDS

does not currently support increasing storage on a _ DB Instance.

A. SQL Sewer


C. Oracle

Answer: A

456. Through which of the following interfaces is AWS Identity and Access Management available?

A) AWS Management Console

B) Command line interface (CLI}

C) IAM Query API

D) Existing libraries

A. Only through Command line interface (CLI )

B. A, Band C

C. A and C

D. All of the above

Answer: D

457. Select the incorrect statement

A. In Amazon EC2, the private IP addresses only returned to Amazon EC2 when the instance is stopped or


B. In Amazon VPC, an instance retains its private IP addresses when the instance is stopped.

C. In Amazon VPC, an instance does NOT retain its private IP addresses when the instance is stopped.

D. In Amazon EC2, the private IP address is associated exclusive ly with the instance for its lifetime

Answer: C

458. How are the EBS snapshots saved on Amazon 53?

A. Exponentially

B. Incrementally

C. EBS snapshots are not stored in the Amazon 53

D. Decrementally

Answer: B

459. What is the type of monitoring data (for Amazon EBS volumes) which is available automatically in 5-

minute periods at no charge called?

A. Basic

B. Primary

C. Detailed

D. Local

Answer: A

460. The new DB Instance that is created when you promote a Read Replica retains the backup window




Answer: A

461. What happens when you create a topic on Amazon SNS?

A. The topic is created, and it has the name you specified for it.

B. An ARN (Amazon Resource Name) is created.

C. You can create a topic on Amazon SQS, not on Amazon SNS.

D. This QUESTION doesn’t make sense.

Answer: B

462. Can I delete a snapshot of the root device of an EBS volume used by a registered AMI?

A. Only via API

B. Only via Console

C. Yes

D. No

Answer: C

463. Can I test my DB Instance against a new version before upgrading?

A. Only in VPC

B. No

C. Yes

Answer: C

464. What is the maximum response time for a Business level Premium Support case?

A. 120 seconds

B. 1 hour

C. 10 minutes

D. 12 hours

Answer: B

465. The _ service is targeted at organizations with multiple users or systems that use AWS products such

as Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpIeDB, and the AWS Management Console.

A. Amazon RDS

B. AWS Integrity Management

C. AWS Identity and Access Management

D. Amazon EMR

Answer: C

466. True or False: Without IAM, you cannot control the tasks a particular user or system can do and what

AWS resources they might use.



Answer: A

467. When you use the AWS Management Console to delete an IAM user, IAM also deletes any signing

certificates and any access keys belonging to the user.


B. This is configurable


Answer: C

468. When automatic failover occurs, Amazon RDS will emit a DB Instance event to inform you that

automatic failover occurred. You can use the to ret urn information about events related to your DB


A. FetchFai|ure

B. DescriveFai|ure

C. DescribeEvents

D. FetchEvents

Answer: C

469. What is the default maximum number of MFA devices in use per AWS account (at the root account


A. 1

B. 5

C. 15

D. 10

Answer: A

470. D0 the Amazon EBS volumes persist independently from the running life of an Amazon EC2 instance?

A. Only if instructed to when created

B. Yes

C. No

Answer: B

471. Can we attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?

A. Yes.

B. No

C. Only EC2-optimized EBS volumes.

D. Only in read mode.

Answer: A

472. Select the correct set of options. These are the initial settings for the default security group:

A. Allow no inbound traffic, Allow all outbound traffic and Allow instances associated with this security group

to talk to each other

B. Allow all inbound traffic, Allow no outbound traffic and Allow instances associated with this security group

to talk to each other

C. Allow no inbound traffic, Allow all outbound traffic and Does NOT allow instances associated with this

security group to talk to each other

D. AI low all inbound traffic, Allow all outbound traffic and Does NOT allow instances associated with this

security group to talk to each other

Answer: A

473. What does Amazon Route53 provide?

A. A global Content Delivery Network.

B. None of these.

C. A scalable Domain Name System.

D. An SSH endpoint for Amazon EC2.

Answer: C

474. What does Amazon E|astiCache provide?

A. A senrice by this name doesn’t exist. Perhaps you mean Amazon C|oudCache.

B. A virtual server with a huge amount of memory.

C. A managed In-memory cache service.

D. An Amazon EC2 instance with the Memcached software already pre-installed.

Answer: C

475. How many Elastic IP by default in Amazon Account?

A. 1 Elastic IP

B. 3 Elastic IP

C. 5 Elastic IP

D. 0 Elastic IP

Answer: D

476. What is a Security Group?

A. None of these.

B. A list of users that can access Amazon EC2 instances.

C. An Access Control List (ACL) for AWS resources.

D. A firewall for inbound traffic, built-in around every Amazon EC2 instance.

Answer: D

477. The one-time payment for Reserved Instances is _ _ refundable if the reservation is cancelled.

A. always

B. in some circumstances

C. never

Answer: C

478. Please select the Amazon EC2 resource which can be tagged.

A. key pairs

B. Elastic IP addresses

C. placement groups

D. Amazon EBS snapshots

Answer: C

479. If an Amazon EBS volume is the root device of an instance, can I detach it without stopping the


A. Yes but only if Windows instance

B. No

C. Yes

D. Yes but only if a Linux instance

Answer: B

480. If you are using Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS storage with MySQL and Oracle database engines,

you can scale the throughput of your database Instance by specifying the IOPS rate f rom _ _

A. 1,000 to 1,00,000

B. 100 to 1, 000

C. 10,000to 1,00,000

D. 1, 000 to 10, 000

Answer: D

481. Every user you create in the IAM system starts with _ _

A. full permissions

B. no permissions

C. partial permissions

Answer: B

482. After an Amazon VPC instance is launched, can I change the VPC security groups it belongs to?

A. Only if the tag “VPC_Change_Group” is true

B. Yes. You can.

C. No. You cannot.

D. Only if the tag “VPC Change Group” is true

Answer: B

483. A, _ is an indMdual, system, or application that interacts with AWS programmatically.

A. user

B. AWS Account

C. Group

D. Role

Answer: A

484. Select the correct statement:

A. You don’t need not specify the resource identifier while stopping a resource

B. You can terminate, stop, or delete a resource based solely on its tags

C. You can’t terminate, stop, or delete a resource based solely on its tags

D. You don’t need to specify the resource identifier while terminating a resource

Answer: C

485. Amazon EC2 has no Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) because you can’t specify a particular

Amazon EC2 resource in an IAM policy.



Answer: A

486. Can I initiate a “forced failover” for my MySQL Multi-AZ DB Instance deployment?

A. Only in certain regions

B. Only in VPC

C. Yes

D. No

Answer: A

487. A group can contain many users. Can a user belong to multiple groups?

A. Yes always

B. No

C. Yes but only if they are using two factor authentication

D. Yes but only in VPC

Answer: A

488. Is the encryption of connections between my application and my DB Instance using SSL for the

MySQL server engines available?

A. Yes

B. Only in VPC

C. Only in certain regions

D. No

Answer: A

489. Which AWS instance address has the following characteristics? :” If you stop an instance, its Elastic IP

address is unmapped, and you must remap it when you restart the instance.”

A. Both A and B

B. None of these

C. VPC Addresses

D. EC2 Addresses

Answer: A

490. True or False: Common points of failures like generators and cooling equipment are shared across

Availability Zones.



Answer: B

491. Please select the most correct answer regarding the persistence of the Amazon Instance Store

A. The data on an instance store volume persists only during the life of the associated Amazon EC2


B. The data on an instance store volume is lost when the security group rule of the associated instance is


C. The data on an instance store volume persists even after associated Amazon EC2 instance is deleted

Answer: B

492. Multi-AZ deployment _ supported for Microsoft SQL Server DB Instances.

A. is not currently

B. is as of 2013

C. is planned to be in 2014

D. will never be

Answer: A

493. Security groups act like a firewall at the instance level, whereas _ are an additional layer of security

that act at the subnet level.

A. DB Security Groups

B. VPC Security Groups

C. network ACLs

Answer: C

494. What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?

A. An application container on top of Amazon Web Services.

B. A scalable storage appliance on top of Amazon Web Services.

C. A scalable cluster of EC2 instances.

D. A service by this name doesn’t exist.

Answer: C

495. Is the SQL Server Audit feature supported in the Amazon RDS SQL Server engine?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: A

496. Are you able to integrate a multi-factor token service with the AWS Platform?

A. Yes, using the AWS multi-factor token devices to authenticate users on the AWS platform.

B. No, you cannot integrate multi-factor token devices with the AWS platform.

C. Yes, you can integrate private multi-factor token devices to authenticate users to the AWS platform.

Answer: A

497. My Read Replica appears “stuck” after a MuIti-AZ failover and is unable to obtain or apply updates

from the source DB Instance. What do I do?

A. You will need to delete the Read Replica and create a new one to rep lace it.

B. You will need to disassociate the DB Engine and re associate it.

C. The instance should be deployed to Single AZ and then moved to MuIti- AZ once again

D. You will need to delete the DB Instance and create a new one to replace it.

Answer: A

498. Which DNS name can only be resolved within Amazon EC2?

A. Internal DNS name

B. External DNS name

C. Global DNS name

D. Private DNS name

Answer: A

499. If your DB instance runs out of storage space or file system resources, its status will change to _ and

your DB Instance will no longer be available.

A. storage-overflow

B. storage-full

C. storage-exceed

D. storage-overage

Answer: B

500. Is it possible to access your EBS snapshots?

A. Yes, through the Amazon 53 APIs.

B. Yes, through the Amazon EC2 APIs.

C. No, EBS snapshots cannot be accessed; they can only be used to create a new EBS volume.

D. EBS doesn’t provide snapshots.

Answer: B

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